Effective Attribution is Not One Size Fits All
In a digital landscape that is overwhelmed with diverse customer touch-points and interactions, understanding the true impact of marketing efforts is critical. Marketers need to understand what’s possible and find solutions that reflect the unique and changing needs of their brands. M^2 is the first marketplace for advanced attribution education and services. At M^2, marketing professionals and executives can engage with top attribution experts from across the industry, access exclusive, unbiased content and training, and deploy bite-sized attribution projects designed just for them.
About Us
We are a community of analytics and marketing professionals committed to making marketing attribution accessible, affordable, and effective for every brand. We are not just another team, pushing another solution. Our collective experience spans many industries and areas of expertise, creating a vast collection of attribution knowledge and information that feeds the M^2 marketplace. By bringing together the best minds and solutions across the industry, M^2 enables customers to identify the combination of advanced attribution training, content, and services that is just right for them.


Expert-Led Learning

Hear from the brightest minds in the industry. Led by seasoned professionals and experts, our classes provide a rare opportunity to learn directly from those who have successfully navigated the challenges of attribution.

Real-World Insights

Experience the power of practical knowledge. Our classes are enriched with real-world case studies that offer tangible examples of attribution at work in different scenarios. From success stories to lessons learned, we bring you the best insights the industry has to offer.

Community Collaboration

M^2 is more than just a learning platform; it's a community. Join forces with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and engage in collaborative learning that goes beyond the classroom. Our community is your support system for mastering the art of attribution.


Embark on the full life cycle of attribution projects with our suite of services. From attribution audits and incrementality tests to marketing mix modeling and in-house advanced attribution reporting, we break down the science of attribution into bite-sized pieces.
Become an M^2 Wingman
Flex your advanced attribution skills and access gig work in the field. Apply to be considered for short projects in attribution strategy, marketing mix modelling, and incrementally testing. Becoming an M^2 Wingman is an opportunity to contribute to the advanced attribution community, further advance your skills, and get paid!
Stop Trying One-Fits-All Attribution and Find the Perfect Fit