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Course Curriculum

Module 1: Advanced Attribution Foundations

Educators: Madan Bharadwaj, Allison Lichtenberg

Learn about foundations of advanced attribution

  • Attribution basics | History of advanced attribution | State of Attribution - 2023
  • Advanced marketing measurement - Primer to Incrementality testing, MMM, MTA
  • Better Decisions vs Better Measurement | Understanding the Decision Matrix
  • How to get certified as an Advanced Attribution Professional: Course Completion Requirements

Module 2: Primer on Incrementality, MMM, MTA, Post-Purchase Surveys

Educators: Madan Bharadwaj, Dr.Payman Sadegh

Invited Speaker: Satya Ramachandran, Mari Subramanian 

Learn about incrementality, MMM & MTA fundamentals. Learn how to apply them to marketing decisions. Learn how post purchase surveys can be used as a stop gap for advanced measurement.

  • Incrementality Testing basics | Geo Match market testing | Hold out testing | Learning about diminishing returns via scale testing | Scale testing using Geo tests 
  • Quick primer in split testing | Scale testing via split tests
  • Marketing mix modeling basics | Classroom modeling exercise | Interpreting model coefficients & results | Best uses for MMM | Comparing MMM open source packages Facebook Robyn vs Google Lightweight |  | Real-life Case Studies - App Brand, DTC Fashion Brand, Franchise Retail Brand
  • Multi touch attribution basics | Classroom MTA analysis exercise | Best use cases for MTA
  • Using Post-purchase surveys as part of measurement strategy | Real-life DTC Brand Case Study

Invited Speakers Session 1: 

  • Topic: Real-life Case Study: Using MMMs as part of Advanced Attribution for Rappi
  • Speakers: Satya Ramachandran

Invited Speakers Session 2: 

  • Topic: Are we entering the era of lightning MMM?
  • Speakers: Satya Ramachandran, Payman Sadegh, Mari Subramanian

Module 3: Shaping Measurement Strategy for a brand

Educators: Madan Bharadwaj

Learn how to shape measurement strategy for a brand

  • Era of triangulation in measurement  | Shaping measurement strategy for a brand | How to ladder complexity to line up with organizational value | 
  • Measurement Sensitivity Analysis | Portfolio Opportunity Analysis | 
  • Building a learning roadmap | Laddering measurement strategy to roadmap
  • Classroom demo: Optimizing Facebook and Google Search campaigns using Advanced Attribution 

Invited Speakers Session 3: 

  • Topic: Real-life Case Study - Triangulating Channel Performance using Advanced Attribution for Laseraway
  • Speakers: Paul Baumgarthuber

Invited Speakers Session 4: 

  • Topic: Data-driven growth for franchise retail businesses
  • Speakers: Paul Baumgarthuber, Keary Phillips, Ken Sheehan

Module 4: Testing for Incrementality & Diminishing returns

Educators: Madan Bharadwaj

Invited Speakers: Saarthak Malik 

Learn to design a hold out test in excel. Review real-life case studies of holdout tests.

  • Testing life cycle | Distilling conversations into testable objectives
  • New Customer Acquisition: Designing a geo test | Feasibility Analysis & Budgeting | Decision matrix | Flighting tests as campaigns | Reading campaign reports as test results | Counterfactual analysis | Classroom example: Facebook on Education brand
  • Case study: Real-life case study for fashion brand The Perfect Jean:  Facebook and TikTok hold out test
  • Case study: Real-life case study for online Mattress brand:: Google Pmax vs Google Standard Shopping test
  • CRM experimentation foundations | Designing cohorts | Step-by-step guide to experimental design | CRM test design template | Feasibility Analysis & Budgeting | Decision matrix | Discussion


Invited Speakers Session 5: 

  • Topic: Incrementality war stories from inside eBay, Google, Oracle
  • Speakers: Saarthak Malik, Cara Manion

Module 5: Statistics for Media Experiments

Educators: Prof. Palaniappan Ramu

Invited speakers: Ken Sheehan

Learn the statistics you need to navigate designing tests and reading test results.

  • Basic statistics formulae | Distributions | Split vs Geo tests | Test Feasibility Analysis
  • Algorithms for matching markets | Algorithms for identifying reference periods
  • Lift Calculations | Difference of differences | Counterfactual predictions
  • Classroom exercise: Market selection and Counterfactual predictions for an emerging brand

Invited Speakers Session 6: 

  • Topic: How Dave Lokes moved Oriental Trading company to the incrementality era
  • Speakers: Dave Lokes

Invited Speakers Session 7: 

  • Topic: Introduction to Geospatial Census data for marketing
  • Speakers: Ken Sheehan

Module 6: Upgrading your marketing operations for advanced attribution

Educators: Madan Bharadwaj

Learn how to prepare datasets for various advanced attribution needs

  • Typical Measurement infrastructure in data-forward brands | Marketing Accounting | 

Data governance | Buy vs Build decisions 

  • Bringing everything together into a reporting deck | Role of last touch attribution, multi-touch attribution, incrementality and LTV metrics | Setting the expectations for exec team and board | Update your Campaign Optimization process | Building culture around media experimentation across org

Invited Speakers Session 8: 

  • Topic: Data-driven marketing inside the belly of TechStyle, an ecommerce darling brand 
  • Speakers: Baylie Minney

Invited Speakers Session 9: 

  • Topic: How marketers are triangulating their way to channel investment decisions
  • Speakers: Baylie Minney, Paul Baumgarthuber, Gail Buffington

Final Certification

  • Earn Course completion certificate
  • Schedule and complete 1:1 discussion with Madan Bharadwaj
  • Earn Advanced Attribution professional badge
  • Advanced Attribution Project completion

Benefits of certification:

  • Upgrade your professional profile with a verifiable "Advanced Attribution Professional" certification. Badge shareable on social channels.
  • Become part of the M-Squared Expert community and access Wingman projects
  • Become discoverable to other marketers and brands looking for advanced attribution experts

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