Geo Match Market Incrementality Test

Test channels like Facebook, TikTok, Google PMAX, Google Shopping, YouTube, OTT and others for incrementality and scale potential. Design, flight, read and interpret incrementality tests on media channels to understand contribution to business KPIs and true ROI of media investments. 

    Geo Match Market Incrementality Test

    Geo match market tests are 1st party data based tests that have the highest integrity of all competing approaches to understand the incremental contribution of media channels to your business KPIs.

    • Week 1

      • Shape objectives
      • Testing requirements, Sample datasets, Final dataset
      • Market selection, First draft of selected markets, Feasibility analysis, Holdout vs Scale approach, Budgets, Decision Matrix
      • Discussion, Final markets selection for flight, Signoff
    • Week 2 - 6

      • Media planning & buying
      • Cool down
      • Media flight
    • Week 7 - 8

      • Process data for reads
      • Counterfactuals, Initial read, analysis, discussion
      • Final read, Media mix decisions, presentation to stakeholders

    Typical Phases


    Shape testable objectives

    Test Design

    Market selection analysis, identify test markets, design test cells, run feasibility analysis, prepare final calibrated test design and test budgets. Prepare decision matrix.

    Test Flight

    Support trafficking media campaigns to test designs. Periodically monitor market performance and campaign execution

    Test Reads

    Lift analysis via counterfactual predictions, interpret test results, calculate multipliers, media and consumer insights, investment decisions vs decision matrix. New learnings agenda.


    Case Studies