Data Governance Tool

Data quality is the cornerstone of effective decision-making.  The Data Governance Tool ensures the integrity of your marketing performance data, from raw inputs to processed sets and final reports.

Data Governance Tool


Drawing on the experience of MSquared's data experts, the Data Governance Tool comes pre-loaded with comprehensive checks, specifically addressing common attribution workflow data issues.

The tool offers versatile connectivity to various data warehouses. It monitors data for critical aspects like completeness, accuracy, consistency, and integrity.

Additionally, it triggers timely alerts through popular notification systems, keeping you informed of potential data quality issues.

Installation and configuration

The Data Governance Tool offers the advantage of in-house deployment.

This approach keeps your data secure within your own infrastructure, while still ensuring efficient performance.

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits firsthand, please reach out to us and we can deploy and configure the tool specifically for your environment.