Attribution Starter Bundle

Attribution starter bundle includes 5 courses that will help you started with a solid foundation in advanced Attribution. 

      Attribution Starter Bundle


      Courses Included in the Bundle

      Advanced Attribution Foundations

      Embark on a journey with Madan Bharadwaj as he offers a captivating exploration of the evolving landscape of marketing attribution

      Data infrastructure In Advanced Attribution

      Your marketing data infrastructure is an important factor in obtaining reliable attribution results. Dive into this course to explore the crucial considerations for storing and processing your marketing data.

      Testing For Diminishing Returns - Using Geo & Split Testing

      Discover how Geo & Split testing techniques can uncover valuable growth opportunities for your business.

      Optimizing Campaigns Using Advanced Attribution

      Follow along with Allie Lichtenberg as she provides practical examples of applying advanced attribution insights to optimize your campaign strategies.

      Case study: A DTC Use Case Using Post-Purchase Surveys For Advanced Attribution

      Join Growth Marketer Eli Esagoff as he demonstrates the effective use of post-purchase surveys to estimate the revenue impact of various marketing channels.

      Courses in Attribution Starter Bundle

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