Attribution Audit

Prelim analysis of existing attribution on channels in media portfolio. Sensitivity analysis to calculate approximate contribution of media channel investments to business KPIs. Opportunity Analysis. Advanced attribution Strategy tailored for media portfolio and brand objectives.

Attribution Audit

Do an audit of your current media portfolio and the attribution results you are observing to estimate what might be media’s contribution to your business KPIs. Shape a measurement roadmap to get tighter estimates and make better investment decisions on your media portfolio.

  • Week 1

    • Shaping testable objectives
    • Testing requirements, Sample datasets, simulating for statistical significance, Feasibility analysis, Holdout vs Scale approach, Budgets, Decision Matrix
    • Discussion, Final design for flight, Signoff
  • Week 2

    • Communications with Platform account team and supporting test setup 
    • Test flight
  • Week 3

    • Process data for reads
    • Initial read, multiplier analysis, triangulation analysis, sanity analysis
    • Draft interpretations and recommendations. Discussion with the project stakeholder.
    • Final read, Media mix decisions, presentation to broader stakeholders

High Level Scope

Distill Business Objectives into Measurement Objectives

Description of Activities
  • Review of marketing measurement related business objectives and priorities. 
  • Review of business strategy and priorities [Eg: growth targets, efficiency targets, board/exec concerns and priorities]
  • Identify, shape and state Business Questions that can be answered via Marketing measurement.

Prelim Analysis of Existing Tracking and Measurement Systems

Description of Activities
  • Preliminary review of Base Attribution & tracking systems (Web analytics, Platform reporting, Post Purchase Surveys, ecommerce and retail sales reporting)
  • Review Sample reports
  • Identifying taxonomy gaps, special cases
  • Establishing scope of measurement systems in place [channel coverage, metrics coverage, dimensions coverage, measurement rigor]

Sensitivity Analysis

Description of Activities
  • Channel-wise analysis of performance reported by different measurement paradigms. 
  • Mock investment decisions by Channel
  • Sensitivity Analysis Report: Identify channels that are most sensitive to measurement paradigms
  • Tracking Strength Report: Tracking strength by data source for each channel

Triangulation Analysis

Description of Activities
  • Cross channel optimization and mock media mix investment strategy
  • Opportunity Analysis: Rank order each testing opportunity prioritized for business impact and time constraints
  • Testing /MMM recommendations for each business question

Advanced Measurement Strategy

Description of Activities
  • Base systems: Choice of tracking system for each channel [Web analytics, Platform reporting]
  • Advanced Measurement system: Choice of business question vs Role of MMM, Geo testing, Scale testing, Split testing, Zip-level testing, CRM testing

Measurement and Testing Recommendations

  • Testing and/or MMM Roadmap
  • Advanced Attribution Reporting Strategy


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