Advanced Attribution Masterclass - Exclusively for The Trade Desk

A tailored Masterclass on Advanced Attribution, exclusively designed for agency teams seeking experiential learning and a practical approach to implementing Attribution in their roles.

Format: Live instructor-led class

    Dates: July 9 | Monday | 9:30 AM -1:30 PM PST | 12:30 PM -4:30 PM EST


    Course Content

    Module 1: Advanced Attribution Foundations

    Learn about foundations of Advanced Attribution 
    • Attribution basics | History of advanced attribution | State of Attribution - 2023 | Introduction to Advanced marketing measurement 
    • Better Decisions vs Better Measurement | Understanding the Decision Matrix | Sensitivity Analysis case study
    • Taxonomy | Solution Architecture 
    • Solutioning patterns for different industry verticals | Brand vs Conversion measurement
    • How the various in-house attribution reporting tools and attribution partnerships play into a brand’s measurement strategy

    Module 2: Primer on Incrementality, MMM, MTA, Post-Purchase Surveys

    Primer on Incrementality, MMM, MTA, Post-Purchase Surveys
    • Learn about incrementality, MMM & MTA fundamentals. Learn how to apply them to marketing decisions. Learn how post purchase surveys can be used as a stop gap for advanced measurement.
    • Incrementality Testing basics | Holdout and Scale tests | Use cases
    • Marketing mix modeling basics | Vanilla MMM vs Full-Funnel MMM
    • Multi touch attribution basics 
    • Using Post-purchase surveys as part of measurement strategy
    • Translating AA reads into Multipliers | Multiplier based ROI reporting
    • Typical measurement reads and its implications on ROAS 

    Module 3: Shaping Measurement Strategy for a brand

    Shaping Measurement Strategy for a brand
    • Learn how to shape measurement strategy for a brand
    • Era of triangulation in measurement  | Shaping measurement strategy for a brand | How to ladder complexity to line up with organizational value | Measurement Sensitivity Analysis | Portfolio Opportunity Analysis | Building a learning roadmap | Laddering measurement strategy to roadmap
    • Real-life Case Study - Triangulating Channel Performance using Advanced Attribution for Laseraway

    Module 4: Upgrading your marketing operations for advanced attribution

    Upgrading your marketing operations for advanced attribution
    • Learn how to prepare datasets for various advanced attribution needs
    • Typical Measurement infrastructure in data-forward brands | Marketing Accounting | 
    • Data governance | Buy vs Build decisions 
    • Building a AA-based decisioning Practice | Using measurement in strategy | Test-Learn-Grow | AA based P&L Governance
    • Bringing everything together into a reporting deck | Role of last touch attribution, multi-touch attribution, incrementality and LTV metrics | Setting the expectations for exec team and board | Update your Campaign Optimization process | Building culture around media experimentation across org


    Module 5: Testing for Incrementality & Diminishing returns, a deep dive

    Educator: Madan Bharadwaj

    Learn to design a hold out test in excel. Review real-life case studies of holdout tests.

    • Testing life cycle | Distilling conversations into testable objectives
    • New Customer Acquisition: Designing a geo test | Feasibility Analysis & Budgeting | Decision matrix | Flighting tests as campaigns | Reading campaign reports as test results | Counterfactual analysis | Classroom example: Facebook on Education brand
    • Case study: Real-life incrementality testing case study for Facebook and TikTok for DTC Brand  The Perfect Jean
    Invited Speaker session: Ovadia Labaton discusses data in the role of strategy in a fast-growing DTC brand
    • Speakers: Ovadia Labaton | DTC Leader & Entrepreneur | The Perfect Jean, Kidbox, Liquorbox, VC/PE roles
    Invited Speakers:  Introduction to Geospatial Census data for marketing
    • Speakers :Ken Sheehan | Geographic Information Systems Expert | US Geological Survey, University of New Hampshire, West Virginia University, GIS Entrepreneur 
    • Real-life Case Study - Zip-level testing using Facebook Reach & Frequency campaigns for Laseraway

    Data Scientist Track 

    Workshop:  Geo Testing - Match Market selection using Facebook Geo Lift and Causal Lift estimation using statistical techniques

    Educators: Bharathi Kannamma 

    • Data science Workshop to work through identifying matched markets using Facebook GeoLift open source modeling package.
    • Data science workshop to work through lift estimation


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