Advanced Attribution Masterclass Bundle

Unlock the nuances of modern marketing analytics with our Advanced Attribution courses. Courses in this bundle will help you gain actionable insights into your marketing strategies.

Advanced Attribution Masterclass Bundle


Courses Included in the Bundle

Advanced Attribution Foundations

Embark on a journey with Madan Bharadwaj as he offers a captivating exploration of the evolving landscape of marketing attribution.

Marketing Mix Modeling - Theory & Practice for 2023

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of marketing mix modeling, covering its historical context, data organization, model design, and result interpretation.

Geo Match Market Incrementality Testing - A Practitioners Guide

Understand how geo-match market tests work and how they differ from other experiment types. Learn when to use a geo test, how to implement them, and how to interpret their results.

Testing for Diminishing Returns - Using Geo & Split Testing

Discover how Geo & Split testing techniques can uncover valuable growth opportunities for your business.

Optimizing Campaigns Using Advanced Attribution

Follow along with Allie Lichtenberg as she provides practical examples of applying advanced attribution insights to optimize your campaign strategies.

Incrementality Testing For CRM Audiences: A Practitioners Guide

A panel of marketing experts and practioners discuss practical ways to unlock the value of your first party data.

Statistics for Media Experiments

Professor Palaniappan Ramu provides an overview of the most widely used nomenclatures, metrics, and methods in the field, equipping you with the knowledge to excel in media experimentation

Data Infrastructure In Advanced Attribution

Your marketing data infrastructure is an important factor in obtaining reliable attribution results. Dive into this course to explore the crucial considerations for storing and processing your marketing data.

Case study: A DTC Use Case Using Post-Purchase Surveys For Advanced Attribution

Join Growth Marketer Eli Esagoff as he demonstrates the effective use of post-purchase surveys to estimate the revenue impact of various marketing channels.

Case Study: Using advanced attribution to transition a print-heavy women’s fashion brand to a data-first marketing approach

Head of Data Science and Analytics, Gail Buffington, shares her experience using advanced attribution to optimize print campaigns.

Case Study: Using advanced attribution to drive growth for a mutual fund brand

Learn how Mike Andrews was able to drive efficient growth for his Mutual Fund client using advanced attribution results.

Case Study: Standard Shopping vs PMAX for a retail brand

Have you considered running a PMAX campaign? Join Daniel Pahl as he shares his expertise and experience in managing PMAX campaigns, providing valuable insights on how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

Courses in Advanced Attribution Bundle

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