Platform Lift Test

Use lift studies offered by platforms to test channels like Facebook, Roku, Hulu, Google and others for incrementality and scale potential. Design, read and interpret lift tests on media channels to understand contribution to business KPIs and true ROI of media investments.

    Platform Lift Test

    Platform lift tests are tests offered by the media platforms themselves to test incrementality of the media being bought. They are usually pretty simple to setup and run, since the platform account teams would do them for you in a managed serve capacity. But they tend to be opaque, since it is based on proprietary data that platforms have, and can be tricky to interpret. Setting up the test to be interpreted in a transparent manner, comparing results with test results from other platforms and benchmarking results from other brands is usually needed to qualify the reads and interpret them meaningfully for investment decisioning.

    • Week 1

      • Shaping testable objectives
      • Testing requirements, Sample datasets, simulating for statistical significance, Feasibility analysis, Holdout vs Scale approach, Budgets, Decision Matrix
      • Discussion, Final design for flight, Signoff
    • Week 2 - 4

      • Communications with Platform account team and supporting test setup 
      • Test flight
    • Week 5 - 6

      • Process data for reads
      • Initial read, multiplier analysis, triangulation analysis, sanity analysis
      • Draft interpretations and recommendations. Discussion with the project stakeholder.
      • Final read, Media mix decisions, presentation to broader stakeholders

    Typical Phases


    Shape testable objectives

    Test Design

    Identify campaigns to include in test, design test cells for stat sig, run feasibility analysis, prepare final calibrated test design and test budgets. Prepare decision matrix.

    Test Flight

    Support communicating with platform account teams to trafficking the test. Periodically monitor test performance and campaign execution.

    Test Reads

    Interpret test results coming out of platform reports, square off test reads with last click reporting, calculate multipliers, sanity analysis, media and consumer insights, investment decisions vs decision matrix. New learnings agenda.


    Case Studies