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TradeDesk Client Summit

MMM Key Note with Madan Bharadwaj

Join us for an exclusive lunch at Carneros Winery in Napa Valley. Let’s share a couple glasses of wine and discuss the future of data, Connected TV, and measurement. 
  • Thursday, June 13, 2024
  • 11:30 AM TO 1:30 PM PST
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    M^2 Speaker

    Madan Bharadwaj is a leading expert in advanced marketing measurement systems. Over 15 years and 4 attribution startups, he has helped marketers navigate away from last click attribution by bringing breakthrough innovations like multi-touch attribution and incrementality testing to market.

    Most recently, Madan founded M^2 to shape a methodology-agnostic framework for media attribution. He teaches the framework in the industry’s first advanced attribution masterclass, and helps brands access high quality attribution talent and services through the M^2 attribution marketplace.