New York eCommerce Retail Summit

Data-Driven eCommerce : Ethical Practices and Personalized Strategies

Join eCommerce leaders as they discuss the critical role of data in driving eCommerce success. Panelists will discuss ethical practices related to data collection compliance, compliance laws, legal frameworks, privacy, security, and social responsibility while adding their expertise around key data points and metrics they are analyzing to measure success, drive conversions, and create a more personalized experience for the consumer.
Discover the transformative potential of data analytics in your growth strategy, while considering the ethical practices in the digital era.

Madan Bharadwaj, Founder & CEO, M^2

AnkitaDhawan, Director,Consumer Strategy & Insights, Boll& Branch
Ari Cheszes, Senior Director of eCommerce and Omni-Channel, Overtime
Russ Moretti, Senior Director, Consumer Data Strategy Lead, The HEINEKEN Company
Sergio Tache, Founder & CEO, Dossier

  • Thursday, June 27, 2024
  • 3:30 PM TO 4:30 PM EST
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M^2 Speaker

Madan Bharadwaj is a leading expert in advanced marketing measurement systems. Over 15 years and 4 attribution startups, he has helped marketers navigate away from last click attribution by bringing breakthrough innovations like multi-touch attribution and incrementality testing to market.

Most recently, Madan founded M^2 to shape a methodology-agnostic framework for media attribution. He teaches the framework in the industry’s first advanced attribution masterclass, and helps brands access high quality attribution talent and services through the M^2 attribution marketplace.